Transparent and Effective Sourcing in China
We combine supplier management with VR technology!
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VR Fullview Factories
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Technology makes us different...
Save your 50% travels in China
Choose the righ suppliers in China at very begining

    VR Fullview Factory

    We helped our customers save around 50% travels in supplier selections.
    Remote Navigation
    Onsite visits will be NOT necessary when you find potential suppliers in China from exhibitions or B2B platforms. 
    We can bring the VR panaromas to your desktops with prequalification reports.
    720° Interactive Navigation
    You can navigate the facilities freely, warehouse, IQC, production lines, IPQC, FQC, testing labs, offices..
    Take a thoroughly understanding of the manufacturing capabilities.
    Transparent Supplier Selection
    VR fullview factories can be easily shared with stakeholders from your organizations by emails or supplier management systems.
    Make your decisions transparent and efficient.

    720° Navigate Industrial Suppliers

    Casting, machining, stamping, sheet metals, fasteners, molds, plastic injection molding, rubber and silicone, packing, PCBA, cable assemblies...

    Our Solutions

    We enable you to take full control of the supplier management in China, and get direct access to the factories and quotations.
    Supplier Sourcing
    Supplier Management
    Travel Assistance

    Supplier Sourcing

    We evaluate the whole process to validate your suppliers’ capabilities, and provide an in-depth, comprehensive report. 

    Supplier Prequalification

    including VR Fullview Factory

    1st Round RFQ

    free for 1st request

    Cost Analysis

    Supplier Management

    We can act as reprensentatives of our customers to manage suppliers in China.

    Supplier Quality Management

    New Product Introduction

    Engineering Support

    Travel Assistance

    We reduce the uncertainties in different cultures, envrionments, languages.
    We are a local team, international background.

    Transport Arrangement

    Start when you land in China

    Hotels Booking


    About Us

    Founded in 2017, Sournergy is a supply chain service provider, helping clients find the right suppliers and solve the critical manufacturing issues in China.
    With our deep experience and strong expertise in industry, automotive and medical devices, we’ll be your local partner in China.
    We are NOT a trading company, but a service company.

    Our experienced team has served MNC companies, including Siemens (Germany, industry), Invacare (US, medical deivces), Dantherm (Denmark, industry), Getinge (Swiss, medical devices), Bondioli & Pavesi (Italy, automotive), etc.
    One of our Italian co-founder has 7 years experience in Hangzhou and Suzhou, as General Manager of an Italian company.
    Besides Italian as native language, he can also speak English and Chinese.

    Contact Us

    We're here to help. Send us emails.
    We can sign the non-disclosure agreement before starting the service with you.
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    Proposals and Discussions
    Project Implementation